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The Waffle Taco
About us

Welcome to The Waffle Taco, we are American-Hispanic fusion breakfast and brunch restaurant, and a Gourmet Coffee House. At The Waffle Taco everything is made to order with the freshest ingredients, and you’ll have the ability to order anything on our menu anytime of the day. We elaborate our coffee using our unique and exclusive Guatemalan imported gourmet coffee.

At The Waffle Taco we value your patronage and strive to serve and provide you with the best food and services possible. 

The choice to accommodate you in a friendly atmosphere, doing whatever it takes to make your visit memorable and to keep you coming back for more is part integral of our business.
We are committed to the excellence and provide a positive work environment, promoting unity, family and community. We value team work, honestly, integrity, creativity, dependability, adaptability and commitment.

We use sustainable packaging that are environment friendly. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements in the community we do business.

Come visit us and delight yourself with a cup of our exclusive gourmet coffee and start your day with a succulent  breakfast.

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